Our history


The passion for our traditions guides us in bringing to your table a genuine product with a classic taste and produced with the best modern standards.

All stages of production of our sausages are carried out by qualified personnel with refined processing techniques. The hand binding then ensures that all products pass into the hands of experts able to recognize that the product complies with our quality standards. The traditional method of salting and spicing and even more important the natural seasoning, guarantee our product superior quality and a traditional flavor jealously guarded by our ancestors.

"In the production of cured meats, if you want to maintain a high standard and offer products linked to the flavors of tradition, we must put sincerity and passion" this is the philosophy of Piero Cocco that since 2013 has taken over a sausage factory with 40 years of history behind make it become his jewel.

Furthermore, our products are all lactose-free and gluten-free, respecting tradition and above all consumer health.

The range of products ranges from traditional and flavored sausages to salami, of which the new "Mannu" and "Loelle" are proposed to become the most sought after in the market. Do not forget the traditional Guanciale, Pancetta, Coppa and the sweet hams directly from Emilia but seasoned and seasoned according to the Sardinian tradition that enhances the taste.